If you came over from Encouragement for Today, welcome! My friends and I are in week #7 of The Mended Heart Study.  This week we are talking about what it might look like to move forward as you heal, and ties in perfectly with today’s devo.

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I know awkward. 

Like that time I walked out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked in my underwear. No one said anything.

Not one person. 

When I finally walked outside and felt the wind where it shouldn’t be felt, I realized why I had received the looks that seemed so strange moments before.

Momentum can be awkward, too.

You’ve been moving forward. You tangibly sense what God is doing, but you’re not sure where to go next, or which way to turn when you feel God calling you to bigger and greater things.

Do you wait?

Plunge in?

Or just turn around and make your way back to familiar territory?

These are crossroads.

Places where a decision is made, and you worry that you’ll make the wrong one.

I understand that feeling, but crossroads become turning points when we shift our focus from our choice to His choice for us.

That leads us to today’s principle of mending:

God, and His plan for you, does not change in the crossroads.

What does this mean?

Regardless of the crossroad, God — a loving God, who knows your name, the number of hairs on your head, who has relentlessly pursued you from the cross — is not changed by our circumstances.

His plan for you is the same.

His love for you does not go away.

Perhaps the crossroad you are at right now is one of waiting. 

God, and His plan for you, is unchanging. 

It’s not wasted time. You are learning to trust. You are waiting instead of leaping, like you used to do. You are seeking direction.

This crossroad is part of the process, and it’s just as important as your final destination.

Or the crossroad you are in right now is one of hardship.

God, and His plan for you, is unchanging.

The choices you’ve made in the present are leading you toward wholeness, but that means that you are facing the choices or hurt of the past.

Not everyone understands why you’re changing.

That might mean that you say no when you used to say yes.

It might mean that you have compassion for those who are broken, but refuse to live in brokenness with them.

You’re in a partnership with a God who loves you, and He’s teaching you and growing you, and sometimes that’s downright hard.

But it’s also freeing. One by one, chains are being removed from your heart. You’re learning to live and act and think in a new way.

Hard, hard, hard. Yes.

But part of the plan.

Beautiful. Freeing. Liberating. 

Maybe the crossroad you are in right now is one where a U-Turn is required. 

These are personal crossroads where we can say yes — or no — to what God is asking.

As your heart mends, there will be moments when you sense that it’s time to make a decision.

You have the opportunity to respond to God in these personal crossroads. You can look at it as God telling you what to do . . . or a personal invitation from a Savior who knows you well.

You walk away from what might seem “no big deal” to others, like holding on to anger or pain or unforgiveness, to find His best for you.

What is God’s plan for you in the crossroads marked “U-Turn?”

To get out of the trap of being stuck emotionally, spiritually, to something or someone so that you can live free.

What about you? 

What does your crossroad look like?

How is God, and His plan for you, unchanging in the midst of it?


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