When my babies were little, I had three car seats.

When I finally made it out of the door with my overstuffed diaper bag, my three little ones under the age of two (twins!), and my keys, the process of putting them all in car seats began.

Finally I would sit in the driver’s seat, everyone tucked in tight and safe.

There was one more step to take. I reached behind me and pulled my own safety belt to latch it in place.

Wouldn’t it have been ironic to have spent fifteen minutes making certain my little ones were safe, only to have driven out into traffic vulnerable to harm?

And yet we often do just that with our heart. 

As we mend, guarding our heart becomes just as vital as tucking in those precious babies into a car seat or buckling your seat belt before pulling out into traffic.

We give our heart significance. It’s worth protecting. It’s worth guarding from those things that once led you into that mess, or that draw you to a place where bitterness desires to take root.

It’s worth pouring in words of healing or affirmation or feeding it with truth of scripture that fills it up until it becomes so saturated that transformation begins in your thinking, or the way you view yourself, or how you find your strength in really hard places.

Today, you are worth guarding, sweet friend. Your heart — and you — matter to God.


Q: Proverbs 4:23 says everything that we are pours out of our heart. What might that look like for you?

Q: In what ways do you protect or guard everyone else, but fail to guard or protect you?

This is going to seem almost silly, but will you do it with me? Write a note to your heart today offering to protect it. Make a promise to treat it as if it were significant. Sign it, and tuck it somewhere in your journal.