Wendy Blight sensed two words as she prayed.

So that. 

She was asking for direction for her next book. Two words didn’t seem like enough, but it’s where Jesus led. She opened her Bible and “so that” leaped from the pages in verse after verse.

Jesus came. . . so that.

God spoke. . . so that.

Pray. . so that.

Trials come. . . so that.

Let your light shine. . . so that.

All week long we’ve looked at our own hearts to move toward joy.

Today we’re looking at what fills our hearts. . . so that.

So that?

So that . . .whenever you doubt a promise or a truth because of something going on, the Lord will bring just what you need to mind.

You are not ill equipped for this change in your thinking.

You are not ill equipped for this transformation from broken to joy-filled.

You are not ill equipped as you exchange yesterday for your new today.

All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NIV, emphasis added)

So that . . .you fill your heart with good things that help you, rather than hurt you. 

A friend found out her husband was unfaithful. They planned to go to counseling. In those sessions, he said he wanted to put their marriage back together. Weeks later she discovered it was only more lies.

She battled daily with anger, hurt, resentment, and more.

She drank when no one was looking because it gave her peace, even if it wasn’t the good kind.

Someone close to her asked her to engage in a Bible study. To read books and to study the Bible so that she could fill up with something hopeful, something stronger than her situation or her feelings.

Last week she walked into my arms with a huge embrace.

“Something changed,” she said.

It wasn’t hard to see. The smile and light in her eyes had already told me something good was taking place, but her words backed it up.

Nothing in her situation had changed, but she had.

Her husband continued on in his affair. She was facing an unwanted divorce. Financially this left her in a hard place.

But a heart filled with good things was leading her to joy.  

She began to see herself as valued and beautiful to God.

She began to trust that He would meet her every need. 

She began to see that her life still held purpose, that God’s plan for her wasn’t contingent on her husband’s choices. 

“Every day that I wake up, I fill up,” she said.

When the hurt hit — and it did — the truth that was in her heart gave her what she needed.


Q: There are many things we can pour into our heart. How do you fill your heart?

sothatQ: Finish this sentence. I will pour good things in to my heart so that. . .

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Wendy’s story is powerful. (View Wendy’s story on the 700 Club – Trusting God after rape.) She understands brokenness but she also lives and breathes and teaches hope and healing.

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