Hey friend.

That fear that has followed you for far too long. Let’s take a good look at it and call it what it is.

Lean in.

Together, let’s take it apart. We’ll start with an old fear of mine.

Years ago I was a shy girl. Not just an introvert. But painfully unsure of myself.

I could have said that my fear was about people.

What they might say.

What they might do. 

But when I took a good look at it, I was afraid that I’d open my mouth and. . . something dumb would come out.

Except I wasn’t dumb.

So it went deeper than that. Tied to words spoken over my heart when I was younger and, like a sponge, I had embraced those words as truth.

Jumping out of an airplane for me was realizing that I might not always know exactly what to say, but what I thought or had to say contributed to the conversation.

Jumping out of airplane was laughing at myself when I did say something that wasn’t brilliant, and then moving on, giving the moment the light attention it deserved.

Jumping out of airplane was listening to people, just to get to know them, and realizing that we are all a little messy at times.

When I look back at that insecure shy girl, I have to smile. I wish I could go back and wrap my arms around her and say, “Hey sis, just hang tight. God is growing you and healing you. It’s all going to work out.”

I’d also tell her that jumping out of an airplane means that we take a step right where we are.

Maybe your step of faith over fear seems small to others.

That’s okay.

It’s not about them at that moment. God will do a work in their heart in other areas. Right now, it’s about receiving from God exactly what you need.

In today’s Encouragement for Today devo, I shared the story of my friends who are overcoming fears. I’m so proud of how they are taking small steps of faith to lead to big change in who they are.

So, where do you begin?

  • Name that fear. Maybe you’ve been pointing at everyone else. Take it deeper. What is the real battle going on inside of you? Don’t be afraid of this question. It’s where healing begins!
  • Take one baby step forward. Like my friend who is deathly afraid of flying, just crack your heart open to the possibilities. (It’s okay to say you’re afraid while you’re doing it. Doing it afraid is actually courage in action.)
  • Then take another step (this is the jumping part!) – Don’t stop there. Keep going, as God leads. It’s not about success. It’s not about whether it looks pretty or polished. It’s growing into who God already knows you are.

What does jumping out of airplane look like for you today?



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