Next Monday we will begin a new online Bible study together.

The only book you’ll need is your Bible, and grab your pen and journal while you are at it.

What might happen if Jesus walked up to you today and asked you to drop your nets?

Sound’s great, right?

Unless that means dropping your plans.

Leaving the familiar.

Trusting God when it doesn’t make sense. 

For four weeks we’ll dig deep together to discover what it means to say, “But if you say so” to God and where that might lead.

I promise you this. It won’t be easy, but it will absolutely change you.

Joining the study?

We’ll chat three times a week right here on the blog. Be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already.

Tell your friends about it. Invite them to join for a cup of coffee to talk about what you learn through this study.

If you’ve joined me on The Unburdened Heart or The Mended Heart study, this will absolutely help you take the next steps. If not, what will you gain in this study?

You’ll grow in your faith.

Discover Jesus on a deeper level.

Perhaps even discover who you are along the way. 

This online study begins Monday, May 26, and ends June 16, 2014.

It includes two teachings each week, ending with a “But if You Say So” challenge each Friday. Many will be writing about their challenge, linking up to encourage others!

I can’t wait to see you right here next Monday!