Is your fear of disappointing others keeping you from your best yes?

You know that a new season of ministry is ahead, but it will leave an empty space you’ve always filled.

You’re supposed to move in a new direction, but that new move is discouraged by those you care about.

You’ve carved out space in your calendar for something meaningful and that means saying no to other activities.


This isn’t about throwing off all our responsibilities, but rather saying no to some things so that we can say yes to God’s leading.

Last year Richard and I moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas. We left several disappointed people in the wake of that decision. We had prayed about it. We listened.


We knew it was time.

Our pastor hung his head, happy for us but sad for him.

A couple of people we love a lot were disappointed to the point of anger.

So, so hard.

But that yes lead to a new ministry with a group of amazing women who battle hard circumstances and who love Jesus with all of their heart. Every week I get to meet with these women in my home, and we learn about Jesus together!

It’s absolutely where I’m supposed to be.




That best yes led to a job where my husband makes a difference in the lives of little ones who need an advocate. It also offered provision we didn’t expect.

What if I had caved into those fears of disappointing others?

What if I ignored my best yes?

What is God speaking to your heart?

Are you listening?

Have you delayed a yes because of the disappointment of others?

What is your best yes?



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