I arrived home from She Speaks ready to jump in to my dreams.

My white board was clean and ready for a brainstorming session. My fingers were itching to hit the keyboard.

24 hours later life hit.

One week passed. Two. Three.

And there I was, interrupted.

Or was I?

Maybe the interruptions that hit were not interruptions at all. If I look at them as things getting in my way, then yes, they were. They slowed me down. They took up time that I had designated for other things.

But if I look at them as opportunities to have loved and to be present, then suddenly they take on new dimensions.

Honestly, most of the things we see as interruptions will be what matters most in the end. 

A loved one was hit hard by a loss, and in that loss he reached for us.

Thank you, Lord, for a son-in-law that loves and trusts us to fill the gap. 

A little one needed some Gaga time.


Thank you, God, for sweet kisses and long walks on the trail searching for bunnies. 

Each of the interruptions were spaces filled with family. Face to face. Life on life. Loving in the hard spaces. Laughing in the good.

The reality is that my life is going to be interrupted.

It’s a life that is full, and each of those interruptions lend itself to the dreams I chase.

My #bestyes for the past three weeks has been to settle in to those interruptions and count them as gifts.

Do I still schedule and use my time wisely? Sure.

Do I still chase my dreams? Absolutely. I’m a girl with a dream and that’s not going to change.

But all with an eye on the fact that when my dreams fade, and life comes to a close, that it will be the interruptions I treasure the most.