Excerpted from my blog post at Incourage, it goes along with this week’s teaching because changing our perspective involves trust.

Cheek to cheek, my eight-month-old grandson, Josiah, and I dance in the pool. When his feet dip in the cold water he sucks in his breath and scrunches his face to cry. I pull him close and he smiles. We dance again.

Somehow my presence is enough, in spite of his fear.

Years ago when I was a young mom, I was afraid.

Afraid that I’d mess up the role of motherhood.

Afraid I’d never get it right.


Afraid that I had been so damaged that, like a banged up old suitcase, I’d carry the clutter of my chaotic childhood into the lives of my babies.

There were times I sat on the floor with a child in my arms, tears brimming as I rocked and prayed.

God, this is hard. Lord, how can I be a good mom if no one showed me how? I’m so afraid I’ll mess this up.

One day these words whispered somewhere deep in response.

Do it afraid, Suzie. {Read the rest of this at Incourage. . .}

Today’s study:

  • Read the rest of today’s blog post at Incourage.

Q: What fears do you have about motherhood?

Q: In what way do you feel ill equipped?

Q: Read Jeremiah 17:7-8. Put your name in the verse. “Blessed is {your name} who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. {Your name} is like a tree. . .

Read that out loud. Write it down in your journal. Stake it as your promise.

Q: Where will you place your trust today? How will that shift your perspective from you to Him?