lynncowellThank you to Lynn Cowell for this beautiful guest post today.

We are beginning Week #4 in our study of The Mom I Want to Be, and all week we’ll discover how to take healthy risks as we grow as moms and as women.

Lynn Cowell shares her risk as she believes that she can give to her daughter what she didn’t get.


Giving My Girl What I Didn’t Get

by Lynn Cowell

She didn’t have it. But if she did, I know she would have given it to me if she could.


At just under 5 feet tall, I am pretty sure I had the most sacrificial mom. Being number 7 of 8 kids, I watched her constantly serve. Her husband, her kids, her church and community. Meals, cleaning, teaching, loving.

She gave every bit of what she had. But just like you and I, she couldn’t give what she didn’t have – confidence in the love of Jesus.

Being raised in a home of many rules and little love, my sweet mom didn’t hear that Jesus was crazy about her. How He absolutely wouldn’t take His mind off of her. That all day long, He was lovingly watching over her.

Yet, when this middle-aged mama began to get it, she began passing His word down to me. Through Jim Nabor’s hymns wafting through the turn table. Her morning ritual of Jesus and coffee in her robe. With each meal she unselfishly prepared, I learned about Jesus’ love.

Jesus took these seeds and planted them deep in my heart. He sent others to water, pull out the weeds and my love for Him also began to grow.

magnetic 2

Now I am the mom and I have the kids.

And it is my privilege to pour into my children as I am learning, just like my mom poured into me.

I am investing, truths I am still learning, but I am sharing. We’re learning together. I want my daughters to know she’s already been noticed. She’s already captured Someone’s heart. She’s already being pursued.

That is why I started doing small groups with my girls and their friends. So we could learn about Jesus…together.

Thirteen years of small groups…we’re still learning. Yes, I may be the “leader” and the one writing the book, but just like my girls, I am still a young girl at heart. Every day I have to pour His love for me deep in the unending gap in my heart and fill it once again.

And I have to reposition myself to not chase after the woman culture says I should be, but rest in becoming the woman He says He can mold in me.

As I learn, every day learning, I share with my girls. Reading the Bible at breakfast. Prayers by the bedside. Texting short verses and conversations about the hard stuff. Every day, we’re learning, together

Lynn Cowell


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Lynn Cowell is a Proverbs 31 speaker and the author of several books including “Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants”. Her passion is to empower wise women to raise wiser daughters. Her husband and their three children live in North Carolina where they love to hike, raft and enjoy anything that includes chocolate and peanut butter!