god-loves-you-because (1)

Has it been one of those days?

You know, a discouraging day.

A day when you reacted different than you promised you would.

A day when you considered, if only for a moment, to stop trying.

A day when you love your kids, but you don’t like them very much.

Am I the only one who has had one of those days?

Ahh, thank you for saying that. Thank you for acknowledging that you have those days too.

As we throw out our Good Mom list — all those things we’re not going to do — we might feel a little vulnerable. Change seems impossible and our Good Mom list at least felt proactive.

Can I share with you what I learned as I was seeking, reaching out, praying for God to help me grow a new family tree.

The biggest change begins in me. 

You see, making family guidelines is a good thing. Learning how to unpack the unhealthy stuff from the past is a strong move.

But before I begin any of that, I simply surrender to God’s love for me.


That one step is enough to ignite change. Not just in me, but in my family tree as they see something bigger than family guidelines, or books, or a mama trying to get it all together.

Lord, let my children see You inside of me. Let them see that I know where to go when I fall short, because your grace is deep.  

Let my joy, when it makes no sense, speak a sermon louder than any words. 

It’s not about us trying to change everything, but opening our hearts, our thoughts, our lives, our families to the touch of a Savior who loves you like crazy.

I know you’ve heard me say that a thousand times.

It’s because I believe it.

So, if today has been one of those days, let’s put all of the hard work aside just for a moment and rest in the fact that He’s in this with you.

Soak up His love.

Tomorrow is a new day, my friend.


Taking It Deeper

Today’s assignment is to simply rest in His love for you. Find a quiet place (I know it might be the bathroom) for a few moments. Soak in His love. Ask for His grace. Let it rush over You.