Today, as we end this six week study, I want to invite you to do something that might seem. . . well, out of the ordinary.

I want to invite you to bless your home.

Sounds odd, right?

And yet our homes are sacred places. 

It’s where memories are made. Where mistakes are worked through. It’s filled with people that we love, and relationships that matter more than anything else on earth.

It’s the one place we can be ourselves totally.

It’s the place where our children grow up and come back to.

What might it look like to bless your home?

Take a few moments and walk into each room. Picture the people who live there. Thank God for each of them. Call them out by name. Ask God to fill each space with His presence, His wisdom, His joy.

This is my kitchen table. I thanked God for the sticky fingerprints of my grandbabies. For the women who gather around it each Wednesday. For the food we are given. I asked God to bless our conversations and laughter around this table, and called out the names of those who sit in the chairs.


Go to the next room. . . and then the next.

Pray that your home is a place where your children feel safe and loved. Ask God to use your home and each family member for His glory.

If your home has been a place of conflict, offer up that up too. Invite God into those harder places. Ask Him to bless it with peace, with words that lift up and encourage and work through conflict.

If you sense God asking you to linger, perhaps at your kitchen table where conversations are held, or at the foot of your child’s bed, listen.