I want to laugh and love and impulsively grab the moment.

But I also want to live as if my words and choices matter.

Because they do.

Just yesterday I sat in my car trying to absorb the news of an old friend. Choices and actions are hurting a marriage and little ones.

I’m sure there are excuses to be offered. 

Or justification. 

Or feelings that just can’t be denied. 

But our actions are bigger than us. Like skipping a rock across a clear stream, they ripple from one person to the next, leaving harm in the wake. Doing “good” instead of harm isn’t about putting on a good show or a half-hearted effort because you feel shame or regret.

It’s looking right at the offense and owning it.

It’s exchanging “good” for the pain of digging deep to find the source, even if it’s the last thing you want to expose to the Light.

It’s being truthful about the fact that our actions affect those we love.

Our words are packed with punch and power — to do good, or to do harm. Harm takes place when we don’t take responsibility when what we do adversely affects our love ones emotionally, or even spiritually.

To live free means that we choose good rather than harm. We weigh our words. We say I’m sorry when we screw up. We use words to encourage, lift up, delight, pray, humor, love, and speak truth with grace.

But we get really honest if there’s something inside of us that needs healing and we intentionally pursue it.

It means that we are willing to do the work — and allow God to do the work in us — when our actions or words cause others to to trip, to question their worth, to be hurt without resolution, to feel alone or isolated while they wait for us to cool down or come to our senses.

Suzie, this is harsh.

No, harsh is lying to ourselves and nothing ever being resolved. Harsh is pointing fingers at everyone else and never healing. Harsh is the exact opposite of a God who loves you and wants the best for you.

If this is where you are at, share that with me. I’ll pray with you. My prayer team will join me.

And we’ll applaud that you are living free as you choose good over harm.