michelleToday it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my friend, Michele Cushatt. Every once in a while I pick up a book and it’s an instant keeper. I know it will be on my shelf from that moment on.

This is one of those books.

Michele is also one of those people that you know are “keepers.” Friends for life. Today I share about Michele’s book, her story of living life fully in the midst of the unexpected.

“I was so focused on dying that I almost forgot to live.”

Those words stopped me. I highlighted them. Underlined them. And for good measure, I put a star next to them.

Michele Cushatt wrote these words in her new book, Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Undone Life

It’s the story of marrying the perfect guy only to find a very painful reality behind four walls.

It’s starting over when that marriage ended.

It’s meeting a guy and suddenly having a blended family with six beautiful children.

It’s loving that man and those children and navigating the obstacles to find the beauty within this new reality.

It’s settling in, watching three of those children thrive and leave the nest, feeling at ease only to discover that you have cancer at the age of 39.

It’s battling cancer for four years only to discover that it’s returned again — for the third time.


It’s fear.

Overwhelming fear, only to hear these words whispered in your heart by God: LIVE FEARLESS. It’s feeling like a lesser version of yourself because you feel anything but fearless or in control. It’s going from feeling like you can conquer the world to cowering in the corner.

In all of this, Michele paints an uplifting and honest picture of what it means to live undone, and the beauty of what she discovered by living an unexpected life.

That’s why those words grabbed me.

I was so focused on dying that I almost forgot to live. 

I know Michele, and the fruit of the decision she made that day.

She lives.

She doesn’t pretend to be super human. She’s honest on those days when treatment, or another surgery, or the fact that she’s so tired and in pain that she can’t see straight, that she needs prayer and asks for it. But she also pours out joy. Strength. She laughs. She lives.


If I could share three things that come through her life and through this book, it’s these three things:

God sees you and will provide you with the strength you need

The peace you can carry is only through God

No matter how dark and big your circumstance, God is BIGGER

I hope you’ll check out this beautiful book (and buy it for you and a friend) and connect with this beautiful #livefree woman of faith on her blog.


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