He rejoices

 This story is one of many from the beautiful #livefree community of brave girls — women who were and are in the process of being completely transformed by God. Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough? Meet Michelle, a woman who found that there was more to her story and can’t wait to share it with you.



I never felt I was enough.

I did not measure up. It seemed, more often than not, I fell short.

I fell short of my goals, of expectations, of what others wanted from me. Did I truly lack so much?

It was painful. It was lonely.

I knew there was more to the story, to my story.

I knew what God had poured into me, the mentors He placed in my life. Was it all to be forgotten? Maybe I was fooling myself. Maybe I was passed over because I was not the leader I believed myself to be.

Three surgeries in three years and various illnesses left me depleted. Physically I was exhausted.

Mentally and emotionally I faked sanity and confidence.

Spiritually I was begging God to open a door, any door, for me to move forward. The stagnant life was not for me, yet stagnant I remained.

When I felt I might crumble an unexpected hand reached out. One phone call held the answer God had been preparing for me. I was presented with an opportunity to the use the gifts and strengths God instilled in me. An unexpected voice spoke life into the darkened places. Hope was revived in what God had said through this person.

For the task ahead, I was enough. I was the one who was needed.

How can I express the gratitude filling my soul? My soul which longs to encourage and equip leaders, to speak life and value to women, rejoices in that one phone call.

michelle craig discavage

I have been reminded I am not forgotten. I have been reminded God knows my name.

He rejoices over me with joyful songs (Zephaniah 3:17). 

I know I am enough because of Christ in me. My purpose is to love God and love others through writing, speaking, and leading. Too many years were spent in the desert of “not enough.” I wandered there far too long. Thankfully, someone chose to speak.

A once stagnant life turned to one of passion and excitement. The words spoken have set events into motion I dared not even dream about. The girl who once feared she would never measure up is now writing a women’s Bible study, which I will also be teaching in June of this year.


I believe I am.

Michelle Discavage