An Open Letter

Today might be hard for you.

In some churches, well-meaning and loving people will give roses to some and bypass you.

In other churches they will ask the moms to stand while you remain quietly in your seat.

That relative, the one who has no idea how long you’ve waited, might make you feel less than with the “wink, wink” that goes with, “And what’s keep you kids from taking the plunge?” questions.

On Facebook and Twitter and Instragram, you’ll scroll through the images of homemade gifts and flowers.

Just because you are you, well wishes for these women flood your heart. Your time of waiting doesn’t lead you to wish them less, but it does make your ache feel like more.

Today I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. 

Woman to woman I want to reach for you and pull you close and whisper that motherhood doesn’t originate when a child is placed in your arms.

Instead, it begins with a desire to love and cherish and do the hard work of raising another human being, and that’s you.

You’re all in. 

You’ve been working hard to create a home for that child. To do everything that you can, so that when the time comes, you are prepared.

You know the gift that a child will be and you’ll never take that miracle for granted.

You are already praying for that child or children.

You are sacrificing in ways that no one knows, because it’s too private and too deeply personal for the world to know.

That’s what a mom does. 

I don’t know exactly when a child will be placed in your arms, or in what manner that child or children will arrive, but what I do know is the love you’re showing in a thousand different private ways is going to impact him or her for a life time.

So this is for you today, my sweet and beautiful mom-in-waiting.

Happy Mother’s Day.