no more guilt

Some people give up sugar or caffeine.

I’ve given up guilt.

I’m fasting guilt and I’m not even missing it. Not one bit.

Suzie, guilt is not a bad thing. It tells us we have a conscience. 

I hear you. If you’re talking about being aware when you’ve done something hurtful or wrong, we want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He’s the one who gently leads us.

But there are too many beautiful women who carry guilt around and let it marinate in the way they see themselves. They carry it around until it turns to shame. They carry it until it creeps into how they define their faith or the way they think God sees them.

So, how do give up on guilt?

When that feeling shows up, take a real good look at it. Is it conviction or is it guilt?

Knowing the difference is important.

Conviction leads you home.

Guilt says you’re so bad that you’ll never find your way.

Maybe you’re heading down the wrong road with your words or what you’re doing. Conviction allows you to make a U-turn and lean into God’s plan for you.

That’s home.

Perhaps you haven’t said you’re sorry for wrongs done. Conviction reminds you of the importance of saying those words and letting them land in the heart of the person you wronged. It tells you that even if they aren’t ready to receive them yet, saying the words is the healing thing to do.

That’s home.

Maybe you’ve said you’re sorry and you still feel guilt. It’s been years and years. Conviction tells you that there’s an adversary who wants nothing more than to accuse you, so it’s healing to embrace what is truth from the One who wants the best for you.

That’s home.

Guilt wants to live in everything we do, big or small. 

You didn’t exercise today? You can live in guilt or just take a walk. Throw up your hands and celebrate how beautiful it is outside.

You ate unhealthy and you want to be a kicking old lady one day? You can live in guilt or give yourself permission to feed your body well 95% of the time and enjoy the salted caramel ice cream cone in the 5%.

Giving up guilt isn’t easy in the beginning,

We’re so used to carrying it around.

So, will you join me in a guilt fast?



Is guilt keeping you stuck? Maybe your hurts come from sin. Jesus came so that we might be free from sin. Not just our own, but He gently peels away the hurts that come from the sin of another.

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