I’m already hearing from you and it’s only been one day.

Some of you feel God is asking you to let down walls. You say that you want all that God has for you, but letting down walls makes you feel vulnerable.

I hear you. I promise.

When you let down your walls to trust again, you will be vulnerable. . . but you are also free.  

Hard to imagine, right?

Trusting again.

Letting people see the real you.

Opening your heart to love or to love others.

Where do you begin?

Breaking down walls begins as you acknowledge that you were once hurt. . .

                                                                              but you refuse to live wounded anymore.

I know what those walls look like. I had some of my own. My walls were hidden behind a shy-girl mask.

Yours might not look like mine. It could be staying so busy that no one can get close. It might be lashing out to hurt them before they have a chance to hurt you. For some it’s a polite facade that says, “You can this close, but no closer.”


Walls keep us safe, but they also keep us stuck. Jesus came to heal your wounds. So, 0ur #TheMendedHeart question is a simple one today.

What is my wall? 

Look at it honestly. Not with guilt, but with anticipation at how it will come tumbling down, with His help.

Will you pray this with me?

Father, I’m sick of walls. I’m tired of living isolated. Peel away the mask. Climb in this fortress with me and knock down one brick at a time. I know that letting down my walls makes me vulnerable, but You are my strength. One baby step at a time, God. Walk it with me. In Jesus’ beautiful name, amen. 



Okay, how fun is this?

Tonight there’s a Proverbs 31 OBS #TheMendedHeart TWITTER party

8 p.m. CT, 9 p.m. ET.

Join by using the hashtag #TheMendedHeart.

There will be prizes! Community. Connection. Fun!

I hope I see you there. I can’t wait!