I’ll never do that.

Have you ever said that? Maybe even as you looked at another person whose sin was hurting their heart or family.

And then you do it. It’s not what you wanted. Some days you aren’t sure how you got there, but you want out.

If you are part of the Proverbs 31 OBS study of The Mended Heart, you met Sarah this week. She’s a real woman. A beautiful woman I knew as a young girl.

She suddenly had no idea who she was anymore.

She was one of those who said, “I’ll never do that,” and yet here she was.

Her hidden affair didn’t stay hidden and she wanted to shrink from the gaze of those who loved her, and whose hurt couldn’t be hidden.

She wanted to hide from judgment when she went out for groceries. She knew what people were thinking.

She could barely breathe as she looked at the damage on the hearts of her family.

What do you do when sin has hurt your heart?

Timothy Keller, author and theologian, says, “Fear-based repentance makes us hate ourselves. Joy-based repentance makes us hate the sin.”

What a beautiful step toward healing. When sin hurts your heart, it’s time to bring it to Jesus.

He’s not afraid to talk about it. That may sound too simple. It is, but consider this:

You can remain stuck in your sin due to shame. . .

or hold it out with open hands so that He can heal you.

You can allow shame to become your identity. . .

or run to a Savior who cleanses you from all unrighteousness. 

Is there work to do? Sure, there is. It’s healing work.

~ Sin may knock you down, but God’s love lifts you back up ~

Healing means that you’ll look at the deeper issues.

You’ll examine where the hurt began and why you tried to fill it with something that hurt you so badly.

If sin has led you to a hurting place, you’re not stuck. We can all turn in a new direction, with His help.

I’d love to pray with you today.

If there was a time that God gently pulled you up to heal your heart, share that to encourage others.  


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Q: On page 114, it reads: We’re not excusing our sin. We’re just placing sin out in the open and robbing it of its power. What is the promise in these words?