The wonderful thing about momentum is that you, and others, may notice progress.

Exciting, right?

The bad thing about momentum is that your progress may be made in such small increments in the beginning that the process causes you angst.

Let’s exchange angst for hope as we let this truth soak in:

Every step forward is cause for celebration.

When we try to rush the process, we may want to take things into our own hands. Or perhaps become frustrated when you can’t pinpoint exactly what comes next. If we aren’t careful, we can easily forget the first principle we learned together in week one.

The power of the Cross is not found in what we do, but in what has been done for us.

You can rest in that. God will complete the work He has begun in you. It’s okay to be realistic about the challenges, but also rest in the truth that He’s at work.

Celebrate what Jesus has already accomplished in you. 

Maybe that’s hope where hurt used to live. Perhaps it’s joy that surprises you. It’s like climbing a mountain. If your eyes are fixed on the mountaintop and you feel like you won’t ever get there, take a moment and look at where you began.

Celebrate every step. Every moment that you overcame and pushed through a hard place. Every thing you’ve seen that is new or different.

You have a partner in healing.

The goal is simply to trust. He’s got you. He knows where He’s taking you, and it might be in a direction you’d never found on your own. God sees what you cannot.

There will be hard places.

Momentum leads us to a series of crossroads—places where crucial decisions are often made, but with God’s help.

Consider what momentum looks like in those crossroads, how you might respond in each, and what to do when you aren’t sure how to take the next step.

You have 25,000 women walking through this with you. I love that! We are not alone as we discover all that God has for us.


The Mended Heart

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