In the past four months we’ve battled cancer, I’ve wrote a book, ministered at conferences, and was part of an amazing online Bible study with 25,000+ women.

We also suffered a private loss that’s just too tender to share.

This girl is tired.

I’m going to miss you but I need to listen to the Lord.

I’m taking a one-month break to breathe deeply, say yes to my family and yes to the presence of the Lord.

There won’t be much social media except for a few pics on Instragram. 

I’ll be the sweaty girl hiking up the hill holding the hand of the man I like a lot.

This beautiful #livefree community will be quiet until the 31st of August. One month of filling back up.


I’ll see you then, okay?

I can’t wait to reconnect. If you need prayer or encouragement, leave a comment. I have a whole host of beautiful #livefree women who will stop in and pray for you.