Last night friends came over for dinner. After we ate, we sat around the kitchen table and talked.

If you know me at all, you know that my kitchen table is the heart of my home. If you come to my house, I’m going to feed you. We’ll linger around the table afterwards. We’ll laugh.

It’s where my grandbabies like to crawl up in my lap. It’s where we meet for Bible study every Wednesday night.


Last night we reached around the table and took each other by the hand and prayed.

Real prayers. 

Prayers where God settled in the midst. I’m still thinking about those prayers this morning.

What a gift, Lord. Thank you!

Two years ago when we moved to a new state and started attending a new church, we didn’t know a soul and that was weird for us. I had been part of a church family (that I still love) for decades, and now I was in a sea of strangers. We smiled. We shook hands. We joined a small group.

Weeks later, we still hadn’t found close relationships.

Then one day we noticed a couple at our church. God was aware of our need for community and friends, so it’s not surprising to me that He led me to them. I walked up to this couple and said, “I’d love to get to know you guys better.”

I’ll never forget his response. “Okay, tonight at 7. We’ll meet at . . .” and he named a restaurant.

My first lesson from my new friends, Jim and Pam.

If you want to connect with someone, don’t just talk about it. Do it. 

You see, I was waiting for a, “Well, that’s awesome. We’ll get together sometime.”

Instead, he took action.

I’m usually the “Well, it would be nice to get together sometime,” girl and I think I’ve missed some incredible friendships because of it.

That night at the restaurant led to a fishing trip, which led to dinners at each other’s homes, which led to a love for playing Spades, which led to long conversations, which led to praying for each other every time we meet.

Are you asking God for a friend?

I promise you this. There’s someone that who can be an incredible gift in your life and to whom you can be a blessing. Ask God to show you. Then act on it. Set a time and a date.

I know you’re busy. That’s always been my valid excuse as well, but it’s also got in the way of my answer to my prayer for a really great friend. So, let’s be intentional in this area, okay?

We need each other.

I’m so glad you show up here and that we have created this beautiful community of friends. I love you like crazy. So today, I’m praying with you for face-to-face community because you have something to offer, and there’s someone out there that looking for a friend just like you.


What keeps you from connecting with friends?

Do you ever wait for an invitation or do you create that invitation?

How does busyness get in the way?