Today’s guest post is written by #livefree friend, Michelle Discavage.

She’s a life purpose coach, a fun and insightful friend and woman of faith, and I hope you love her as much as I do! ~ Suzie

Who Are You?

The room was filled with soon to be sophomores and their moms. 

I asked one question, “Who are you?”

I shared with them the lies spoken to me when I was younger. I laid bare how frustrated and hurt I felt during those years. “Words,” I said, “are powerful, and I learned how to use them as swords and daggers in an effort to protect my already damaged heart.”

Briefly, I explained how the lies I believed altered my perceptions, my actions, my words, and my thoughts.

Then, I showed them what it meant to walk through life unaware of who you are, and believing lies.

Five brave girls joined me, five beautiful, courageous volunteers.


Phase One: Walking Blindfolded

Three girls stood in a line, each holding a small beach ball.

A fourth girl stood blindfolded.

The blindfold, a representation of the lies we believe.

I gave her simple instructions: walk straight ahead, I will tell you when to stop. The beach balls will be tossed at you, and if you are able you can avoid them, but the blindfold has to stay on. As she completed the first pass I asked her how it felt, unable to see, objects coming at her.

Scary. I was unsure. I may regret volunteering. I was unsure where to go. My heart is racing.

With my arm around my brave volunteer I explained: when we experience life shrouded in lies, stresses both big and small will alter our course. We are timid and unsure of which way to go. When we do not who we are, we are walking blindfolded.

Phase Two: Blindfolded, but guided

Another girl was added in. Her job was to hold the arm of her blindfolded friend and lead her to the opposite side of the room.

However, I instructed this young lady to let go of her friend’s arm prior to the third ball being thrown.

With more confidence, the blindfolded girl walked. The guide batted away the first two beach balls tossed. In spite of the blindfold, I saw shoulders more relaxed. Then, the guide let go and stepped away. Instantly, steps became hesitant and shoulders were tensed.

Why would I tell the one guiding to let go at the end?

Because not even our friends can always be there.

Tenderly I explained people, even parents, fail. We are imperfect and all have various stresses we are navigating. While we do our best to walk alongside one another, there may be some moments we find ourselves alone.

Phase Three: Freedom and truth

The blindfold was removed and my precious volunteer smiled a wide, joyful smile. I laughed along with her and stated: This time, sweet girl, walk without a blindfold. When the beach balls are thrown you may catch them, toss them aside, bat them away, or throw them back.

It was her choice.

She nearly danced as she went.


Without the blindfold, she was able to navigate the course. While she did not know when the beach balls would be thrown at her, she was able to react.


Because she could see. That is what it is like to walk through life aware of who you are.

Are you walking through life blindfolded?

When you know who you are and are grounded in that truth, life’s circumstances and stresses will not destroy you.

When you know who you are, conflicts are easier to resolve, and everyday stresses will not undo you.

I hope and pray they heard me when I said they are beautiful, they can be strong confident women. I pray they heard me say they are enough. I pray they believed me when I said they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I pray they heard me when I said they do not have to believe every word spoken of them.

And I pray for you too, to know who you are, to know how wonderfully exquisite you are. I pray you know the world needs you to use your gifts, to exercise your strength. We need you to be you. 

Michelle Discavage

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