If you came over from Encouragement for Today, welcome! Today my friends, Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson are joining me to talk about when we dream big, but it feels small.

I met Holley a week or so after moving to Fayetteville. I knew she lived close by and I was excited to meet someone who loved ministry to women. We connected and have been friends ever since. She introduced me to Jennifer, a pastor’s wife and a blogger/speaker. These two have become amazing friends. Here’s a recent get-together. Holley was speaking so we came to cheer her on.

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I asked these friends to share one piece of advice about how to dream big when you (or your efforts) feel small. I loved what they had to say. I think you will, too! ~ Suzie


Jennifer Watson

jenniferwatsonSometimes our “more” is small, and yet our obedience in the small and the mundane is huge, praiseworthy even.

We dream so big that we don’t notice the person sitting next to us. That person who would give anything to no longer feel small and we would be better served if we could embrace the small and let our circle of influence land in the place it’s supposed to be.

You want to do real ministry?

Crave the unglamorous life and forgo any ideas of being a bigger deal than you are right now. Worry less about sharpening your talent to embrace the power of availability in whatever unsatisfying season that you find yourself in.

Maybe we could learn how to be better at being the least of these and dwell in the back-of-the-line kind of servanthood that doesn’t require names in lights or in print, just dirty hands.

Maybe we could be better at being small and allowing our hearts to rip wide open for the lost and lose some sleep for the single mom who sits next to us eating smaller portions so her children can have more.

Our “more” is to hunger and thirst for righteousness and to go into our smallish parts of the world to shine the light of Christ instead of the light of self.


Holley Gerth

holley2It’s not about doing BIG things–it’s about doing all things, even small things for a BIG God.

Our role is obedience; God’s role is results.

That means we can rest in knowing that as soon as we say “yes” whatever we do is already a success.




Just a couple of weeks ago I stepped down from something “big.” I felt that the Lord was asking me to step away from speaking for a year.

Can I be honest? It was hard. Really hard. When I tried to figure out why it was so hard some really logical explanations surfaced.

I love doing it.

It allows me to watch God work in very special ways. 

It is a sweet spot. 

None of that negated the fact that it was time to lay it down. These were very clear directions as I prayed. Last month I traveled to North Carolina and spent a weekend at The Cove in ministry. This was one of two remaining speaking events already booked, so one of the last speaking ministry events for a long time.

God showed up in such a powerful way. When I left, the enemy hit hard, reminding me that I loved speaking and that putting it down for a year was crazy. I climbed in my prayer closet when I got home and this was the word God gave me.

If it’s really about me, then you wouldn’t hold on so tightly.

And it is really about Him, so I opened up both hands and released it.

Because “BIG” isn’t about speaking or even the powerful good stuff that comes with it, it’s about obediently following Jesus wherever He leads, whatever He asks, whatever He wants to do in me.

It makes me wonder what miracle God is trying to perform inside of this girl who loves Him like crazy. If it’s just to be still for a year and rediscover Him, I’m good with that.

So, here’s our take on what it means to feel small when you want to do big things . . . or how to leave the “big” behind if He wants to abide in the small.

What’s your story? What is God saying to you?

How can we come alongside you today and pray with you as God does BIG things in your heart?




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