She’s a truly kind and warm human being and I like her a lot.

If you meet Rachel, you’ll notice right away that she’s blonde and pretty. She’s also deeply in love with Christ and loves nothing more than encouraging women. She’s a speaker, blogger, wife and busy mother of seven. In her new book, One More Step, Rachel (Wojo) Wojnarowski shares the very real truth that life often sends hard things our way, but that hope rises when we find the strength to take just . . .

 one more step. 

This is an excerpt Rachel shared about her own story in Chapter 1:

Life as an adult offered a wonderful beginning, full of glorious hopes and beautiful dreams. But I soon discovered that no one is exempt from problems, and my wonderful beginning didn’t last long. Things changed drastically in a few short years. I found myself in a place I never dreamed I would be — divorced and a single mom of a child with special needs. Every day for months I felt as though I walked in a fog.

In the midst of my painful circumstances, I still had to maintain a house, care for my little girl, and work a full-time job. I had to figure out details, like how to pay for childcare and which facility could best care for my daughter while I was at work. We lived on a very tight budget, but I still couldn’t pay all the bills.

It seemed that people at church weren’t quite sure how to handle my divorce, and shame cloaked my soul as I felt their disappointment. . .

I began to rethink my purpose in life and redefine my faith. I questioned what I was living for. What did God want to do with a divorced single mom of a child with special needs?


Maybe you identify with Rachel.

Life was supposed to go one way and then it went another. 

And you’re praying that God will show you the next step. Rachel believes that sometimes life presents difficult situations that might cause you to question whether you can move forward. She says, “How can we move forward when all we feel is overwhelmed?”

But she also believes this:

The first step forward is often taking a step back.

When Rachel didn’t know where to go, she paused. She took time to voice the hard questions. What she discovered as she took a step back is that God had something else around the bend. She could look ahead to His plan — a plan that included trusting him when it was time to take the next step forward.

I don’t know about you, but I am encouraged when women like Rachel are honest about the struggle. I love it when we don’t paint a pretty picture, but show the hope found in the harder places.

That’s what her new book does. That’s why I’m excited that she’s agreed to give away one copy to one of you.


You’ll find encouragement. She’ll show you how to run to God’s word when discouragement strikes. She’ll reveal that despair isn’t bigger than truth. She points to temptations that make you want to quit but how to find the courage to keep going, one step at a time.

And this is the best part.

She’s walked it. She’s still living it.

Thanks, Rachel, for showing us how to take one more step.


If you are asking God the harder questions, Rachel and I’d love to pray with you. We don’t have all the answers, but we know how to come alongside and pray with you.

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I hope you’ll visit Rachel Wojo’s blog and meet this beautiful friend. You’re going to love her a lot.