3 steps to intimate faith

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In today’s devo, I shared about how my sweet guy dances to his own tempo, regardless of the beat of the music or how anyone else is dancing.

Then one day I thought that I’d see what happened if I matched my rhythm to his. It changed everything!

Maybe you’ve felt out of sync in your relationship with God. Is it possible to find that rhythm again?

Come close to God, and God will come close to you. James 4:8a (NLT)

I love that promise. It’s not complicated. It’s not demanding. I don’t have to perform a list of tasks to get there from here.

Just come close to me.

How do we do that?

Drop your defenses

Imagine standing before God. Vulnerable. Just as you are. With the good and the messy, with your work-in-progress and a heart reaching for Him.

Don’t offer excuses. Don’t try to bargain. Don’t try to figure it all out. Don’t argue with Him or try to make Him see it your way.

Trust Him. 

Hold out your arms and let Him take the lead. lord ill listen

Come boldly

We’ve messed up this word in our culture. We think of it as ego or sashaying in as if no one else in the place matters.

That’s not what this means. Not at all.

It’s coming to Him without shame. It’s settling in to His presence, so holy and hushed and powerful. It’s feeling at home as you listen for His voice, and open up and just talk with Him. It’s knowing that you are welcome and not a nuisance, but rather a daughter.

If there’s sin, don’t run the other way. Run straight into the arms of the One who took that sin for you.

Don’t force it

We think that intimacy with God looks like something specific, when any relationship with merit is unique and forms over time.

If you sense God asking you to do something, take one small step. You don’t have to have it all figured out — beginning to end. It’s the act of walking with Him that changes you, not the finish line.

Ask for wisdom along the way. If you find yourself heading in the wrong direction, turn.

You don’t have to force the rhythm between you and the Lord. He’ll show you who He is as you spend time with Him, as you soak in His word, and as you ask the Holy Spirit to gently speak into your heart.

Come close to me and I’ll come close to you. 

That’s our promise.


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