How many times are my prayers about me?

Well, if I’m honest, most of the time. It’s not always specifically me, but definitely wrapped around things, concerns, and people linked to my heart.

This morning as I sat in my quiet house longing for time with God after a busy few days, I sensed God asking me to pray. . . not for me, and not even for those on my heart, but for the overwhelming needs of those so dear to God’s heart.

For those in bondage to addiction.

For those who are abused.

For those who have tried to find purpose and happiness in things, but who still feel empty.

For those who suffer for the cause of Christ.

For little ones who long for a family and a safe place to land.

psalms1473As I prayed I was reminded of a quote I once read in the book, “Collide” by Ben Dailey. He said:

I thought I had the world by the tail until my desires collided with God’s heart. ~ Ben Dailey

I remember reading that phrase over and over again and asking:

What does it mean for our desires to collide with God’s heart?

Today it means that my Savior is gently showing me a prayer life that has evolved into a tunnel that only leads to me. It’s not that my prayers are wrong, but that you and I have been invited to come alongside Jesus in ministry. That’s one of the most powerful invitations ever issued, and sometimes the most overlooked.

Father, lead me to a collision with Your heart. Give me a broader view of faith. Help me to partner with You in loving people.

That’s my prayer today.

Lead us to a collision with Your heart. Let our faith broaden beyond our own needs. Allow us to partner with You in loving people.

Is that your prayer as well?

Where might it lead if you step into the invitation?