nickiI’m so excited to introduce you to my friend, Nicki Koziarz. She’s instrumental in leading women across the world deeper in their relationship with Christ. You know how I love community! And Nicki reminds me of why I love online Bible studies so much.

Today she’s our guest and shares three reasons why an online Bible study (OBS) helps us not quit. ~ Suzie


3 Reasons Why OBS Helps You Not Quit

Nicki Koziarz

I’m so honored that Suzie let me share some words with you today.

I love Suzie! And when I think of Suzie, I think of the word “community”. She is someone who builds it so well. She cares deeply for others. And she is a woman who is intentional about her efforts to cultivate relationships.

Suzie inspires me because I have been someone who has deeply struggled with community.

In fact, I’ve given up on community, more than once.

But there’s been something that has helped me embrace and thrive in community and it’s called Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.

I know, you’re thinking … how can an online community really help you?

For sure we need those face-to-face friends but here are three reasons why OBS has helped me become a woman who thrives with God AND community.



1. They Get Me!

Let’s be honest, sometimes fitting into a Bible study can feel awkward. You just aren’t sure you’ll fit in! But because we have thousands of women from across the world, there are all types of women participating. Singles, married, moms, working moms, retired ladies … I think we’ve got every season of life covered in our community!

We are all friends and you’ll find someone you can connect with for sure!

2. They Support Me!

I tend to succeed the most when I have a support system. When I know that I have a group of amazing women encouraging me to follow through everything changes. Bible study is a commitment. But with OBS it can be refreshing commitment! The OBS community helps me see God’s role in my life — and who doesn’t need that?

3. They Help Me Have FUN!

OBS community is f-u-n. It’s like hanging out with a group of your closest friends while growing in your faith and laughing about the craziness of life. From our weekly videos (which are sure to bring a smile to your face!) to our giveaways and social media events, we have FUN! Bible study doesn’t have to be boring and we make sure it’s not.