ch 9 following

It didn’t make sense.

When the team announced that the date to India had been moved up to late April through early May, I struggled with saying yes.

Being in India — away from social media, away from the hundreds of tasks that needed to be performed, away from email and blogging and radio and publicity — right before a book launch, that’s just not the way things are done.

Not if you want a book to succeed.

Perhaps I should have worried about that, except for this one thing.

I knew that God was leading me there.

So here I sit, one day off the plane. Jet lagged out of my mind. Dirty clothes in the washing machine. Feet swollen from flying twelve planes in ten days. A thousand emails and texts and tasks waiting.

And a book is launching today.

I’m joy-filled, so excited I can barely contain it.

I’ve been living this book and I love what it’s done on the inside of me. I’ve never felt so rested in my faith, or so challenged.

Come with me.

That’s His invitation.

Following where Jesus leads will take us into harder places, but the miracle is the change that takes place as a result.

Following where Jesus leads will show us how to love people that we didn’t before, but the miracle is we tap into God’s heart and break down walls.

Following where Jesus leads will shift our focus from material things to the eternal, because that’s where our real treasure lies.

And sometimes, yes. It will lead us to India or some other place at an “inconvenient” time because God has something to show us that is bigger than a book launch or whatever else it is that we are holding on to tightly.

My yes to India was the best yes I could have given.

Following Jesus isn’t a charmed life, it’s a changed life.

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That’s what happens when we say yes.

We are forever changed.

Tomorrow I’ll share a story with you that I hope rocks your world. It’s the minute I really understood why Jesus led me to India.

And it had nothing to do with me or a book.

It’s a story of just how BIG God really is, and yet how intimately in tune He is with each of us.

For today, I pray that you’ll pick up a copy of Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads.

I hope you’ll read it and that it will completely and beautifully transform your life.

I hope you’ll put a copy in your local library, or church, or leave a copy at a local laundromat, or in a friend’s hand.

I’d love it if you’d start a Bible study (and invite me to Skype in for one of your meetings).

And that you’ll leave a review if you’ve read it and tell others what you think.

I’m so excited to begin this journey with you, friend.

Come with me

That’s His invitation for us.

Let’s say yes, wherever it takes us, whatever God is trying to do in or through us.


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~ Suzie