following Jesus

We dressed differently.

We ate different foods.

We experience different cultures.

Many in that small room served different gods than the Savior I love so much.

Yet we experienced a miracle together.

One of the younger women said that her mother was severely ill. As we were leaving, we prayed for her. I gently placed my hands on her head and pulled her close. The presence of God sweetly wrapped around us.

Oh friend, the tangible presence of God in that room was a miracle. 

When I opened my eyes, I saw other women pressing in. My prayer warrior friend and P31 sister, Lynn, stood next to me. We started praying, placing hands on knees, feet, holding hands with women as we called out to Jesus.



We prayed for every woman in that room, some of them twice as they leaned in to His presence. All communication barriers were broken in the presence of a Savior who loved these women so very much.

When I walked with the disciples for two years as I wrote Come With Me, I noticed that they never missed an opportunity to pray.

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It marked them.

It marked others.

Do we really believe that this is for today?

There have been times I felt led to pray, but didn’t out of fear of making someone uncomfortable, or being misunderstood.

Now I understand that not praying is like carrying a priceless gift and hiding it from those for which it is intended. If I listen to someone who is struggling, who is sick, who has questions and I simply nod and walk away, I withhold that precious gift.

Jesus prayed for people, sometimes from dusk to dawn. He showed the disciples how to pray, promising them the Holy Spirit to help them as they did. He didn’t give the disciples a long list of to-do’s to share. He didn’t instruct them to fix people. He just showed them how to love them through prayer.

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Can we pray together?

That’s the question I don’t want to fail to ask ever again. Maybe it will be in a private place. Maybe it will be over coffee.

None of that matters, not when there is a miracle waiting to be experienced.

Lord, thank you for the power of prayer. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us that shows us when it’s time. When that person is ready. Show us when you desire to plant a seed of hope, or healing. Let us be women who pray and experience a lifetime of miracles.

In Your name, amen. 



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