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Do we love people who are different from us?

I’m amazed at how God is such an artist.

Take a look at our world. He has created color and texture and movement. All so different, and yet all handcrafted by him.

What if we looked at people in the same way?

Instead of “different,” I’d see shades of color painted by God himself. I’d see textures and personalities and little nuances, where God revealed his talent.

Our world is a little ugly right now. We see our differences and we label something God considers good as “less than,” or even “better than.” That was never part of the plan — not until sin entered.

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The root of this conflict is the inability to love someone different from ourselves. That invites me, as someone who follows Christ, to look to Him for answers.

What Jesus says about love forces me to ask hard questions. The answers aren’t always what I hope they might be, but they open the door to honest evaluation and tangible change.

These questions aren’t just powerful for believers, but for all of us.

• Do I only surround myself with people who think like me, act like me, or believe like me?

• Do I say I love people who are different from me, but never invite them around the kitchen table?

• Do I love first and judge second?

• Before pointing out another’s sin, is it with the realization that I have sinned and been forgiven?

• Is there a person or group of people different from me (because of race, socioeconomics, ethnicity, culture, religion, politics, or any other difference) that I know little about and yet feel strongly?

As a faith-filled woman and a disciple of Christ, I want to grapple with these questions and with the help of the Holy Spirit, let love lead.