I’m the girl who put on the Sunblock 50 and still got burned.

I put it on twice just like the label said.

Everyone else who went came home with a nice glow, but I was the one with the red stripes.

It was worth it. 

Every summer we set aside one day for each grandchild. When they are all together it’s fun but chaotic, and a couple of them can lost in the fray.

Taking them one at a time means that we get to have a whole day centered around that one child.

Elle Day was a week ago and it was all about books. We stopped in the little used bookstore downtown to a big chain store. We colored. We snuggled. As much as I wanted to give her a BIG day, this little soul wanted a peaceful day to hang out with us.

It’s who she is. 


elle and gaga reading


She’s loved books from almost the first day she was born. She’s got her own style and she’s spunky, at least with the people she loves the best. God made her and knows her and He’s got a plan for this little girl.


ellebelle day


For Luke, the day was not as subdued. We started with trampolines and transitioned to a water park, then rode a couple of rides at a small carnival we passed on the way home.


luke high rise


We stayed so long at the water park that I got burned and stripey, but it was fun watching him put his new-found swimming skills into practice.

He was high energy from the moment he came to the door on Saturday and was still going strong the next morning. I can only imagine how God will use this tender-hearted boy with too much energy.




We have four more special days this summer. Josiah is two and he’s already planning. It will be a non-stop day for certain.

Audrey is my sweet, laid back three year old and she’s happy no matter what we do.

Jane, four years old, is my other big adventurer. She grabs life by both hands. I already anticipate a sugar overload (something we only do on their big day, I promise) and lots of high-energy activity.

Caleb is only seven months old and I think he just may be the most laid-back child of all. He’s sweet tempered and smiley and while a couple of our littles fought bedtime like warriors, Caleb is happy to sleep if you put him down. We aren’t sure what Caleb Day holds, but I’ll treasure my time with him.

Why would you care about any of this?

I hope it’s okay to show you the people I love the best in the world, but there’s also a deeper thought.

Sometimes it’s just miraculous to think that God knows us so well.

It seems inconceivable. Improbable.

I could tell you the special things about each of these little people who have my heart.

The good things. The quirky traits already showing up. I know what they like to eat. I know their sleep routines. I can tell you that Josiah’s favorite blanket is blue, and that Caleb likes prunes . . . a lot.


caleb prunes


How much more does our Savior know about me?

Or you?

And how does this knowledge impact us as we walk with Jesus?

Sometimes Jesus changed the names of people. Simon seems like a perfectly good name, but Jesus changed it to Peter — the Rock.

Peter resembled anything but a rock in some pretty crucial moments, but the One who knew the number of hairs on his head (Matthew 10:30) believed in him.

Peter became that Rock. Jesus saw it in him, long before anyone else did. Long before Peter did.

I see beautiful traits in my littles, but I also can’t help but see some traits that are works in progress.

Because I know them well I already see that strong will as potential leadership.

I see that desire for adventure (even if it means you get hurt ten times an hour) taking a couple of my littles wherever God leads, their heart open wide to their assignments.

I see a little one with a gentle spirit, so much so that she can get overlooked if we’re not careful, and already envision that one day it will be quiet, steady courage and a heart to nurture others.

When we trust that God is aware of who we are, we are free to step into the best version of ourselves.

We are assured that we aren’t lost in the fray.

We believe that He’s not comparing us to each other.

It takes the pressure off as we give ourselves a bit of grace as we grow into who He knows we can be.

I’m the girl that uses 50+ sunscreen and still gets burned. I’m the girl who has a tender heart and sometimes wants to fix the world, and has no idea where to begin. I’m the one who didn’t know her own grandparents — not really — but who delights in knowing my own grand babies.

I’ve got all kinds of quirks and I’m sure there’s a passel I don’t see. I’m strong. I’m a good listener. I don’t like the wrinkles showing up on my face, but I treasure the years they represent. I’m not as gregarious as others, but I love people.

Some days I’m a mess, but because He knows me well I can walk with Him and find my way back to my real self.

He knows us.

Let’s settle into that truth for today and rest in it.

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