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rachelle craigRachelle Craig is a Come With Me study leader. Today she shares her hopes of what might happen in our world and in the church as believers begin to follow Jesus wherever He leads.

I love her heart, and if you’ve been following this blog recently you know it’s my heart as well. ~ Suzie Eller



I knew from page one I was in for something great!

I felt like Suzie was sitting right across from you, talking like she was my best friend. So you can imagine my excitement when she announced there would be a Bible Study this summer and asking for volunteers to lead small groups on Facebook.

As I read this book, I realized that in order to grow closer to Jesus, I needed to be willing to answer His call and follow Him.

I want to be willing to step out in my faith and step into His lead. I want to learn how to love people who are hard to love and to whisper yes where no wants to take root.

Wherever He leads, whatever the price, I want to say yes!

I started on the journey through the Gospels as the 13th disciple, just as I was invited to do. I had never thought of the Gospels in this perspective.

When we begin to place ourselves right there — willing as they were, laying down their nets, walking away from their loved ones, walking away from everything, and walking into uncertainty — we start to walk with the one who overcame the world.

Imagine that your yes moves you from faith as usual to faith that changes every aspect of who you are, including how you live, the choices you make, how you think, and even how you approach life. Imagine a faith that spills out into your relationships and impacts the world, especially those within your reach. ~ Come With Me

That, my friends, is the kind of faith I want.

That is the kind of faith we all can have just by saying YES!

Imagine how much of an impact we could make on our own people who don’t know Him or on the people in our own home towns, and in our states and across the world.

People truly are watching our lives and asking if Jesus is worth following.

Let’s show them by our actions, our reactions, our service, our love, and as we apply His word in our daily lives, that He is the only way.

Let’s show them that by following Him they can have a beautiful life filled with hope, peace, joy, love, mercy, grace, and so much more.

This is more than a book for me.

This is more than a Bible Study.

This is a movement!

Will you come with me?


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