I’m tired of favor-based theology.

Jen Hatmaker reminds us of this in her book, For The Love:

If it’s true for the single, Christian mom in Haiti, then it’s true.

We often make broad statements that tie up our faith in a nice neat bow. We tell the world that God is good because we got a “brand new car!” or that amazing parking place right in front of the store.

Yet that Christian mom in Haiti didn’t get a brand new car. There is no store. She struggles to find clean water. Yet God loves her just as much as He loves us.

God is good because God is good.

He’s good in the midst of suffering, for He understands suffering and is present with us.

He’s good when the bills are stacked high and when they are paid, because He cares about our most basic needs.

Jesus called ordinary people to help him reach the world. From the beginning he told them it wasn’t a position of favor, but of servanthood.

We are called to be world changers, and that comes as servants.

Certainly we are loved by Him — what favor!

Certainly the cross set us free — what favor!

Jesus showed us, by His example, a powerful truth: the greatest treasures are multiplied as we give them away.

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Let’s ask God together to peel away our desire for favor, and thank Him for the immense gift He’s already given us.


Today’s assignment

Are you ready for today’s study assignment? Let’s do this together!

  • Read Chapter Three of Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Jesus
  • Watch the video below
  • Go deeper with the questions at the end of Chapter Three
  • Don’t forget to pray about and journal about the discussion prompt at the end of the video.