Every Wednesday I meet with five courageous women.

They didn’t have a solid understanding of the Bible, but now?

Goodness. They are Bible scholars in the making. Recently a woman came up to me. She said, “What is going on in that study of yours?” She had ran into one of the woman and they got in a conversation about the Bible. She was stunned by the depth of the conversation.

I wish I could take credit for this, but it’s not that I’m the best Bible teacher. It’s that when women come together and they are hungry for God’s Word, good things can happen.

We are better together and that’s a fact.

Do you remember the giveaway from last week?

It was a canvas with the words, “better together.”

When some of you heard the name of the winner, you were happy for her but a little sad for you.

I have great news! Jana Kennedy of Sweet to the Soul shoppe is the creator of this beautiful word art, and she’s graciously created a free printable just for you.

better together printableDownload your free gift from Sweet to the Soul shoppe

Frame it.


Now, about the study. Share with me what you are learning.

Share one of the answers from the questions at the end of this chapter. I’d love to see it.

Let me know if you need prayer.

After all, we are better together.



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