I don’t slide into discouragement often, and yet there I was.

It should be easy to be grateful, especially when you can look around and count the reasons why you should be grateful.

Yet this optimistic girl was down.

I sat in the chair and held open my hands.

Tears came.

There’s no need to share the reason why I was down, but I am telling you this because when you are in ministry you can sometimes share only the good parts. If I do that, I make that person who is struggling feel like something is wrong with her.

Not gonna do that. Not today. Not ever.

Sometimes we all have bad days. Sometimes we all struggle with feelings that are heavy. Sometimes we think that something is going to turn out one way, and it doesn’t.

That day I walked up the stairs and sat down one more time.

That’s when this prayer came.

Lord, see my feet? I place them once again in that hollowed out place where you just stepped. My feet conform to the cool sand, and my heart conforms to your leading. It’s my privilege to say yes to you, even when it’s hard. It’s my privilege to follow you.

Help me to take good care of those who you’ve placed on my heart, for they were on yours first. But remind me that it’s not my job to be God, for you do that well. Just let me be Suzie, following Jesus, listening for your voice, whispering yes all the way. Amen.

I believe that raw and honest prayer is the most sincere form of gratitude, because even when we don’t have all the answers, or when feelings weigh on us, we are thanking God for his refuge.

Raw and honest prayer can be the most sincere form of gratitude.

We are telling him that we trust him, no matter what.

We are in week four of the study. It’s gone by fast, hasn’t it? t don’t know if you are studying alone, or if you are in a group but I’m so thankful you’ve chosen to be a part.

Let’s dig deeper into this topic of “living a life of thank you.”

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

  • Read Chapter Seven
  • Watch the video
  • Use the prompt at the end of the video to create discussion
  • Answer the questions at the end of Chapter Seven
  • Bonus: Write your own prayer of gratitude and surrender