Let’s pray together today.

If you’ve struggled with knowing where you fit, or whether you are in the spotlight or not, or struggled with the fact that God is asking you to climb out of your comfort zone, let’s pray.

I’ll start and then you share your prayers. Let’s have a prayer meeting and shake up those doubts, fears, and struggles with His power.

Lord, redefine ministry for me today. You see what I cannot. You know what is taking place that has eternal impact. You know where I fit in that plan and I trust that — whether it’s asking me to be behind-the-scenes or whether you are shining a light for a season for your purposes. No matter what, I’m in! It’s such a delight to be called and chosen by you, and to help reach a world with your good news. Redefine ministry for me today, Father. Show me a glimpse of what is on your heart. I willingly follow you wherever you lead, thanking you every step of the way. In your powerful name I surrender, amen. 


conferencecall oneThis past Tuesday I chatted with women from all over the nation who are studying Come With Me. It was a beautiful time of talking, praying, and community.

Listen to that free conference call today. I hope it encourages you. ♥

We have another coming up this Tuesday.

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