I want to pray with you.

Someone called me today and asked me to consider a ministry opportunity. As I’ve shared before, there have been times I’ve said, “I’ll pray about it,” and it’s just been a delay because something seemed too big.

This time it was different.

I need to pray about that. 

I think the answer will be yes, but I knew that I had to hear from God first.

Are you there with me?

Are you asking God for direction?

Are you seeking untapped power, untapped revolution, untapped transformation (see Chapter 11 of Come With Me)?

Let’s pause and pray together.

This is my need: If I say yes, I’ll have to say no to something else. So I need direction.

How can I pray with you? I have some amazing women on my team that know how to pray and they aren’t afraid to “go there” for you.

And while you are at it, will you pray with me about something else? I’m doing something really fun today but it’s a first.

Facebook Live Word Girls

My good friends, Holley Gerth (a bestselling author, speaker, and counselor), Jennifer Watson (blogger extraordinaire and speaker), and I will be hosting our first Facebook Live broadcast. We are talking about taking a risk in friendship, and why we might struggle to take that risk.

It’s at 2:30 CT and you can either watch it live or see it afterwards at your convenience by connecting with us on our ministry pages: (me)

Will you pray with us as we take this big leap of faith? We’ve been meeting as the Word girls (love the Word of God and we love ministry) for a couple of years, but we want women from all over the world to join us.

I hope I see you there!