If you came over from Encouragement for Today, welcome! Today I shared one of our family’s private battles, and that’s with my sweet guy’s dad. We love him so much.

All this month we’ve talked about living fully, and Alzheimers disease is teaching us a lot about this subject. Check out the devo and let’s take it deeper here. ~ Suzie


I don’t remember

That’s a phrase we hear often from my father-in-law. Sometimes he acts ornery, or even silly about it. He doesn’t remember, and it’s hard. His silliness is a cover up. We all know it, and we wish it was different for him.

My father-in-law’s battle with Alzheimers disease is teaching us the power of remembering.

You see, sometimes I pick and choose what to remember.

I may remember everything that a person does wrong, but conveniently forget that time I made the same mistake and found mercy.

I might remember a rocky road to progress, and forget that failure is part of learning.

I hyper focus on last month’s tight budget, and forget how God has come through time after time.

If he could, my father-in-law would tell us that remembering the good is important.

Not too long ago he looked over at his wife of almost 60 years, and said, “Are you my sister?”

“No, I’m your wife.”

He grinned. “Really?” He looked at her closer. “Wow, I did good!”

I want to remember to tell Richard that I did well when I chose to walk down the aisle with him. I want to remember that friendships are worth working through conflict. I want to remember that I’ll never achieve a dream if I’m not willing to take a risk.

I want to remember that spending time with family is a beautiful gift.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”EC1S0″ via=”yes” ]What we choose to remember is important. What we choose to forget is just as key.  @suzanneeller[/ctt]

Just as important, I want to forget or let go of those things that consume too much head space with too little fruit to show for it.

We don’t have forever . . . well, I take that back. We do have forever. ♥ I just don’t want to make it to eternity and regret that I spent my years here on earth  remembering all the wrong things.



Does prayer seem complicated to you?

As I walked with Jesus in my “Come With Me” journey, I realized just how personal and simple prayer really is.


I also rediscovered how powerful it is.

I’m so excited about the first #ComeWithMe 21-Day Challenge: 21 Days to Revolutionary Prayer.

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~ Suzie