Today is our last conversation in the series on rest. Today #livingfreetogether friend, Tina Savant Gibson, shares how she returned to a fearful scene to conquer fear.

That courageous move led her to rest. If you have faced overwhelming fear, may her story give you hope! ~ Suzie



Something was wrong. . .

Mama and I had just returned from a day filled with errands and detours. When we entered the house, the air had an unusual feeling of stillness.

I went upstairs to our bedroom. All the drawers in the armoire were missing. So was a single pillowcase. The one on my side of the bed.

I raced down the stairs, grabbed Mama and ran outside, frantically trying to dial 9-1-1. My family had been robbed. Jewelry and sentimental items weren’t the only things stolen that day. Fear robbed my rest and held it hostage.

Have you been there, friend?

Are you in a dark place where fear has taken away your ability to rest?

I became the poster child of weary and burdened. I tried to keep going. I prayed. I sang praise songs at the top of my lungs. I loved Jesus with all my heart, but the darkness of fear camped out within me. Especially at night. I fake-slept until my husband dozed off, then I would tip-toe to the couch downstairs. It gave me full view of the doors.

I’d made myself the unofficial watchdog for our safety.

Come on, robber dude, I dare you.

I begged God for rest, but my heart wasn’t fully in trust-mode. I wanted a quick fix, a magic prayer that would make everything normal again.

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I felt as if I were placed in a wilderness of restlessness. I don’t like the wilderness, do you? That season of silence when we wait in desperation with heart cries of “Where are you, God? Don’t you love me anymore?”

Hang on, sister. Hope is on the way.

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. 1 Peter 5:10 NIV

Hallelujah for restoration day!

I’ll never forget mine.

I intentionally went back into our bedroom . . . the scene of the crime. I stretched my body on the floor and fully surrendered to my Abba Father. I wept. I wailed. When darkness showed up that night, I stayed in the bed beside my sweet husband and rested.

I rested my tired ‘ole body, but even more, I rested my tattered ‘ole soul.

Is fear stealing your rest? Take my hand. I’d love to pray for us.

“Oh Father, we are so tired of being fearful. We lay our fears at the foot of the cross right now. Please give us your rest and help us trust as we keep our eyes on you. We love you.

In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.


Meet Tina Savant Gibson

Tina has always loved words. She’s a former marketer, but now enjoys writing life stories with all her heart! Tina loves encouraging another soul, taking pictures of the sky, and dancing in the living room with her husband, Frank, who inspires her more than he’ll ever know.

Connect with Tina on her blog:



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Q: Fear is a natural reaction to a frightening or unsettling event. Describe a time that God helped you calm or conquer fear.

Q: The Lord led Tina back to the place where her fear originated. How does our faith in a God who loves us helps us face old fears?