I’ll clean your toilets.

When a friend offers to clean your toilets, or that of your loved one, that’s a good friend. While I didn’t take her up on that offer, I gratefully received others.

If you came over from Encouragement for Today, you know that our family recently received an unwanted invitation. We’ve been in that place for weeks.

Thank goodness, our girl is getting better. She’s strong, that one. ♥ Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the cards. Thank you for loving her, and thank you for loving us.

In today’s vlog, I share the one thing that I’ve struggled with these past few weeks.

It’s crazy, but there are times I struggle with receiving kind gestures from good people. There’s probably some deep-rooted reason behind it, but I sense God asking me to release it — no matter where it comes from. You see, God is good and I receive his goodness freely. Many times, he shows that goodness through good people.

In this Summer of Permission, I’m giving myself permission to be on the receiving end of kindness.

This battle that my daughter is going through isn’t about me. It’s her battle, but I’ve learned that when I allow others to be kind to me and to my family, it makes us all stronger.

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Did I mention I’m giving away five copies of my new devo today?

It won’t be out until mid-September so you’ll be some of the very first to see it. Bethany House Publishers did a great job on this gorgeous hard-cover devotion, but it’s what is on the inside that makes me happy.

Come With Me: A Year-Long Adventure in Walking With Jesus invites you to go deeper in your relationship with him. To hear his words. To sit at his feet. To become a part of the miracle that is faith. To live it every single day.

My prayer is that this will ignite the faith of women across the nation as they walk with Jesus.

How do you enter to win?

Let’s take this deeper together. I want to hear what you have to say. I’ll choose five random winners from the comments.

Answer one of the following:

  1. Why do you believe it’s easier to give good things, rather than receive them?
  2. The best thing anyone ever did for me when I was in a hard place was …..
  3. I want to give myself permission to receive good things because …..

If you struggle with receiving kindness, me and a beautiful team of women are waiting to pray with you.


10 things you can do when a friend is in a hard place

On today’s Encouragement for Today devotional, I said I’d share 10 Truths to Hang On to in a Trial. I wrote that devo weeks ago, in the beginning of our hard place.

As I prepared for today’s post, I couldn’t get away from these truths instead. We need each other.  best promises often show up in the form of a friend. He prompts and they obey, and it makes an incredible difference.

I hope you’ll give me grace as I share this with you today instead. It’s what is on my heart, friends. I pray that you’ll do one of these today for someone in a hard place. ~ Suzie


Download as a printable — just for you.


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