Don’t you love it when you pick up a book and suddenly you’re in that book. It’s speaking to you, and you feel like you and the author are sitting across from each other. That’s what happened when I started reading, She’s Still There, written by Chrystal Evans Hurst.

Today Chrystal joins me to share what to do when you feel like you’ve lost a piece of yourself. She is also offering a giveaway of her new book, She’s Still There! ~ Suzie

Do you ever wonder where you’ve put yourself?

You know, that woman who had dreams. That woman who wasn’t afraid to take a risk. That woman who loved Jesus and wanted nothing more than to follow his lead?

My friend, Chrystal, came to a crossroads in her twenties. She was driving down a highway to a job she didn’t like, living a life that was vastly different than what she had hoped. As she drove, she thought:

Whatever I thought my life was going to be, this isn’t it. 

Maybe you know Chrystal Evans Hurst as a Bible teacher, a speaker, a bestselling author, or maybe you know her because she and her extended family have ministered to many. Yet God doesn’t see her as a role or title. He just sees her.

Just as he sees you.

He sees how he created you. He sees your potential. He sees all the things that make your stand out from any other person.

Chrystal’s book took me back to that time when I was trying to figure it all out. It reminded me of how far God has brought me in this area. It was also a powerful reminder that we can all get a little lost — and there’s a way to reclaim that woman God says we can be.

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I really loved this book, but I also loved spending time with Chrystal. Normally my conversations on this blog are about 7 to 12 minutes long, but Chrystal (just like in the book) is easy to talk with. It’s about 19  minutes long, but it’s worth the listen. Honestly, I wish I had spent another hour on this topic because I love nothing more than watching a woman discover a life lived to her full potential.

Not superwoman. Not a perfect life. Not a life without challenges. Rather, a life that feels like like it’s made for you.


Four takeaways from this conversation

  • When you hit a crossroads, take the road that moves you closer to Jesus.
  • When we own our own story, God can do something spectacular with it (even the hard parts).
  • Look for clues that help you discover or rediscover who you are.
  • You have a choice in who influences your heart. Choose people who will move forward with you.

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