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It’s my birthday!

Imagine a lemon cake with lots (and lots) of birthday candles on it. It’s my fav, and if you were here I’d give you a big ole’ slice.

Though today is a happy day (cancer survivors love birthdays), it’s been a hard week. As I watched the coverage of the historic flood this week, I held my breath as people perched on roofs, or clambered into cages to be whisked to safety by a helicopter.

There was something else I saw. Something that gave me great hope. I watched as people loved each other.

Jesus said that, “There is no greater way to love than to give your life for your friends” (John 15:13).

I watched as people linked arms to rescue a stranger trapped in high waters. I watched as business owners opened their doors to people who had nothing. I wept as barriers disappeared as people carried one another through waist-high waters to safety.

This is what people long to see in the church — not allowing anything to get in the way of loving and rescuing people, just as Christ did for us.

Drama is a distractor.

It has no purpose other than tripping us up, dividing us apart, and drawing others away from the beauty and truth of God’s love.

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We don’t have time for that, and as I celebrate another birthday (good grief, they come around fast), I’m realizing more and more that our time is limited.

In today’s short video blog, I share three things Jesus taught us to do in the midst of drama. He lived them, and it’s playing out before our eyes in this tragedy.

[Note: The scripture I referenced was Luke 4:29-30.]

Three things to remember when drama attempts to distract

  • Keep your focus on Jesus
  • People are more important than your opinion (or the opinion of others)
  • There’s work to do

So, let’s look past the drama and follow Jesus’ example. There’s a harvest, my friend. That’s more than a pithy saying. It’s real and when we choose destiny over drama, we step into his plans for our lives.



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