Will you consider joining in our Living Free Together 2018 COMPASSION Initiative? Our first project is to join with Mission India to raise funds for two literacy classes for women who have never learned to read. ~ Suzie


118 degrees, no roads, a mountain of trash

I stood in a rag picking slum in India. Houses with dirt floors and rags as the only roof. Tires holding those rags down while children scooted in and out. Little ones picking through mountains of trash.

Later, in that same rag picking slum, I sat with a group of women and children as their animator (a teacher) taught the women how to read. We sat in a dark tent with crazy wiring that snaked up a metal pole. Light flickered. The floor was dirt. Women proudly read from their workbooks, and some from a Bible. They smiled shyly, so excited to read. Something they had been told they could never have.

There were moments I staggered under the weight of oppression placed on the women and little girls I met on that vision trip. I’ve traveled to 19 countries. I’ve witnessed oppression. I’ve seen poverty. This was different. This was darkness that cast its widest shadow on little girls from the moment they were born.

They were called untouchable. The lowest of the lowest caste. 

But in that tent, these women were given a gift of literacy and of hope. Little girls sat in their mamas’ laps, taking in every word. Women impacted, yes, but generations would be influenced.

As I climbed on the plane to come home, I was thankful to be a small part of such a beautiful adventure. Later, a leader in the ministry I’m so privileged to be part of (P31), challenged me.

“Suzie, do something. If this is a burden, pursue compassion in your own life.”

And I had, but God was asking me to do more. In a world where the enemy wants to divide us, and mix us up in debate and meaningless arguments, there are still women who God loves who have no voice.

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them, Suzie. 

Those were the words deep in my soul.

So, we started the 2018 Living Free Together Compassion Initiatives.

We’ll launch three projects in 2018 . . . together.

Our first project is to partner with Mission India, the amazing ministry that has created literacy programs across India, specifically for those who have and would never have the opportunity to learn to read.

[bctt tweet=”In a world that tempts us to divide, let’s unite to make a difference in the lives of our oppressed sisters. #CompassionLFT https://wp.me/p4jbdw-4xl #joinus ” username=”suzanneeller”]

Our goal was to fund one literacy class — 30 women, one teacher, all the materials. We started in January and thought it would take all winter and spring.

It took 18 days! Thirty women forever changed. Those classes have already begun!

So, we knelt and asked God what to do next, and the answer came quickly.

Do it again. 

Our current goal is to raise funds for one more class, and maybe more (see me dancing in my living room, that’s me thinking there could even be more!).

All it takes is you, and you, and me, and us.

$5. $10. Whatever you can give. $40 (one night of pizza, bread sticks, and soda) sponsors one woman for one year of literacy class and all her materials. It trains an animator. It teaches her how to read. How to measure. It teaches her how to read signs so she can traverse city streets and public transportation. It gives her a fifth-year education, which opens doors for her.

It teaches her that she is valuable. It teaches her that Jesus loves her.

Will you consider joining us? It’s easy.

In a world where division is becoming commonplace, let’s be uncommonly united and come alongside our sisters and make a difference. Let’s tell her that we see her and we care. Let’s wrap around little girls considered “untouchable,” and touch them with his love.

Check out this link. Donate. A little. A lot. Whatever God asks of you. I’m reaching with a huge hug to say thank you.