That thing you’re doing for God, it feels hard.

You show up. You work hard. You are trusting, and trying your best to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. But there are so many obstacles. You know you’re supposed to keep going, but the temptation is to give up.

Maybe that’s you today. Whether it’s ministry or marriage or loving that person who is difficult, being in the trenches is hard. I’ve been there.

So, what do we do when we are in that place?

Check in with God

Check in with God often. That’s where we find assurance. Especially when things are hard. Especially when people let you down. Especially when it’s not as “successful” as you thought it should be.

If God is in it, then you are exactly where you need to be (Acts 5:39).

Don’t mistake hardship with failure

Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean you failed. Sometimes hard comes with it. In fact, most of the time hard comes with it. If we follow Christ, then we march into the hard places because that’s where the miracles occur. Maybe it’s a miracle everyone can see. Maybe it’s a miracle that completely changes you from the inside out.

Either way, it’s still a miracle.

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Find the good

The other day I was driving, and felt discouraged. As I wove through traffic, those thoughts weighed heavy. So I started listing the good. All of it. Out loud. Yes, there were challenges with what I was doing, but there was good woven throughout all of it.

As I listed the good, truth settled in my soul. The good was there all along. I just needed to remind myself of it.

Feed your faith

There are a ton of things that feed our fears. What if we fed our faith instead?

That might be gathering with really good friends who love Jesus like crazy. It might be reading a great book that teaches and inspires. It might be journaling, with your Bible open, soaking in the Word.

Maybe you are the one who is always nurturing others in their faith. Can I tell you something? Those of us who do that also need nurturing. That’s something I’ve only appreciated in the last few years. I wish I had known how valuable this was sooner.

Hang in there

You are a difference maker. You show up. You’re listening to God.

Do you realize how delighted he is with you because of that?

He’s not measuring this by your standards, or that of anyone else. He’s looking at your faithfulness and your desire to follow his leading, and he sees the eternal impact of that obedience. So hang in there, sweet friend. Let us know if you need prayer and I promise we’ll (me and my team) will pray for you.

I’m cheering you on today. You’re stronger than you know. You’re braver than you realize. You’re making more of a difference than you can see.


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