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She asked me to baptize her.

I sat with my friend on the sidelines, not far from the baptismal tank. When she asked I was so honored that I forgot to be nervous. But now I was.

Would I remember the words? 

Would I remember to bring her up out of the water?

This may seem silly, but this was new to me. In every church I’ve ever attended, pastors baptize people, but in this church those who are to be baptized choose who they want to do the honor. And my friend had chosen me.

As the time came close, she leaned in and whispered, “Don’t drown me.” It was just the right thing to say. We both giggled and my nerves eased, as I realized she was a little nervous too. Baptizing my friend was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever got to do. It was sweet, sweet, sweet. The presence of God was there. When my friend came out of the water, she threw her hands up in the air in celebration and I wanted to dance with joy.

Isn’t it funny how fear tried to rob me of a beautiful gift?

Fear is the root of most of our confidence crises.

Fear of making a mistake.

Fear of falling short.

Fear of doing something new, even if it’s the coolest opportunity ever.

Fear is also a thief. It’s a natural reaction and we all feel it, but when it keeps us from doing something good, or stepping out in faith when God is the one leading, it robs us.

Years ago, when fear rose I wanted to shut down or run the other way.  It took time, but eventually I understood that if I faced that fear and kept on going, that was bravery. I might fail. I might not do it perfect. I might even stand there with knees knocking and heart hammering, but I would learn something new. And next time, that same fear wouldn’t feel as big.

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I don’t know what fear you are facing today, but I know this.

Your faith is empowered when you invite the Holy Spirit into that confidence crisis. Big or small, when we ask for help, we are empowered to take that shaky step forward and the one after that. Our knees may be knocking and our heart hammering, but we are on the edge of growth and that’s a beautiful thing.

Fear doesn’t get to be the boss of me. It doesn’t get to be the boss of you. Whatever God is asking, say yes. You have a Helper!

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