It came out of the blue.

I was driving down a busy highway. Cars pressed on every side. A semi rumbled beside me. Tears flooded. The tears had come on with no warning as I listened to a simple worship song.

Lord, what is happening?

I can only describe the feeling as desperation. Not misery. Not torment or despair. Instead, I was suddenly aware of how much I needed Jesus. How much we all need him. It had been a crazy, busy day. A crazy, busy week. In the midst of all my doing, the Holy Spirit was leading to a place of sweet desperation. I realize those words don’t often go hand-in-hand, but I had been praying a specific prayer recently.

Lord, don’t let me just talk about the Holy Spirit. Let me live this.

You see, we can get so caught up in talking about God, or our faith, that intimacy finds it way to the back burner. God was taking me up on my prayer, but not in the way I thought he would.

Not in the place I thought he might. 

For the next several minutes, I wept and prayed. Sometimes with words. Other times with such a deep longing that I didn’t have the words.

And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. Romans 8:27 (NIV)

I believe the reason the Holy Spirit so graciously bombarded me in the car was because I was so busy doing, that I had almost forgotten how to just be.



Maybe today you are busy doing. Those things you are doing are really great. You are making a difference as a woman, as a mom, in your community, your world, your church, or for that cause. Keep up the good work, sis. I love that you are such a world changer.

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But please, let’s not forget that doing isn’t what matters the most. There’s a sweet desperation and awareness of how much we need the Lord lingering just beyond that busyness. Waiting just for you.

Ask for it. 

I can’t tell you what that will look like, but I do know when you seek it, you’ll find it.

Holy Spirit, today I hold up every part of who I am. All that I am doing. I’m desperate for you to interrupt my life and my plans, just to draw me closer to the heart of my Heavenly Father. I may not have all the words, but you know what he longs from me. 


Q: Sometimes we simply don’t know how to pray. How does Romans 8:27 comfort you in those times?

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