Is the Holy Spirit for me?

That’s the question some are asking. Others shy away from this question because it seems so mysterious or complicated somehow.

I gathered with some of my friends — Nancy, Michele, Meggie, and Heather — and we talked about how we formed our view of the Holy Spirit. It’s fascinating to see how we all saw this so different. Then we talked about what we believe today and how that may have changed.

As we discussed this, one of the most interesting comments to me was from my friend, Michele, who said, “I’m almost mad that I didn’t know about this before.”

We need to talk about this. Jesus made a promise to the early church wrapped around this immense gift of a Helper. That promise is for us too. Out of that promise are assurances that we can hold onto, like:

  • We will never be alone in our faith.
  • We don’t have to wander.
  • We can walk in truth.
  • We can hear the voice of God, clear and undiluted.
  • We are braver than we know, with his help.

What might happen if we lived this promise?

My prayer is that we ask that question, embrace the promise of a Helper, and then live it with all our might.


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Let’s take this deeper together

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  • What was your perception of the Holy Spirit?
  • Is that changing, and why?
  • The Holy Spirit helps us live our faith. What might that look like for you?

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The Spirit-Led Heart isn’t just a book for me, friends. I wrote this because it’s a promise Jesus made (John 14:16-17) and I Iong to live it.

In the pages of The Spirit-Led Heart: Living a Life of Love and Faith Without Borders, we examine the promise Jesus made and we become acquainted with the Holy Spirit as our Helper, and the attributes he brings to our faith and how to live that every day.

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