If you came over from Encouragement for Today, welcome! In today’s P31 devo, I shared about my new normal when my children began to leave the nest. But let’s be real. Starting any new season can be a challenge and often involves letting go. It’s hard, but it’s often the beginning of a brand new chapter. . .


Letting go

The words “letting go” almost feel romantic. Like we’re about to soar into a grand adventure. In reality, letting go can be scary. It can leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain.

The other day I sat with a friend. She moved to this area to start a new job in a new city. Her oldest child left at the same time for college. The new job required new skills.

New job.

New city.

New church.

New friends.

New things to learn.

New season of motherhood.

Welcome to your new chapter

As she shared her story, she confessed that she had no idea how much her identity was ingrained in her role as a mom with children at home, in her previous job, and even in her daily routine with friends, nearby family, and church.

Who am I now?

That was her question. She was willing to learn the answer to that question, but it felt daunting.


I’ve been in that place many times.

If I look back I find lots of letting go 

I let go of security for a new season of independence.

I let go of a broken childhood to believe I could be a good mom.

I let go of a job that felt familiar to become a writer and speaker.

I let go of past hurts and insecurities to feel comfortable in my own skin.

[bctt tweet=”A new season of letting go doesn’t mean that God has let go of his plans for us. #livingfreetogether https://wp.me/p4jbdw-4Dp” username=”suzanneeller”]

I’ve let go of safe places to step into new roles and new adventures, knowing I might fall flat on my face, and learned what I was capable of (but with a ton of learning curves along the way).

Rather than seeing letting go as a negative, I began to see each of these as chapters in my life story.

A new season doesn’t mean that God let’s go of his plans for us. He uses every drop of our past chapters. Nothing’s wasted in his economy. He uses everything we’ve ever learned. Every failure. Every victory. Every awkward, shaky step forward. Every new role. It all adds up and somehow plays into the next chapter.


Are you in the process of letting go?

If you are in a season of letting go — whatever it is — you are still you and God is still God. In the midst of all the change, you can hang on to that. We may not always know what is ahead, but we can be assured we are good ground if we are following Jesus.



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When you are entering a new normal, it’s the perfect time to:

  • Share your uncertainty with God. He cares for you.
  • Praise God for the good of the past. He cares about that, too.
  • Open your heart to a new adventure.
  • Accept the invitation to follow Jesus day-by-day, as you walk into this new season.

Q: What excites you about a “new normal” in life? How can we pray for you?