“Do you want to know me?”

That’s the question a woman asked Amy Kratzer of Girl Set Free.

This young woman was sold at the age of 9 by her mother to a man who kept her as a wife until the age of 12. Then he sold her to another man, who used her as a source of income. She grew up feeling like she was nothing. There were times she was sold up to 10 times a day by her “husband” to other men. As a result, she had three different children and contracted HIV.

One day she went back to her home and to her brothers and mother. Even though her own mom sold her, she was seen as unclean. Her brothers beat her and sent her away.

Oh Suzie, this is so hard to hear. 

You are so right, my friend. It is hard to hear. It’s hard to imagine.

Yet it is the reality of many women across the world and even in our own nation. In this young woman’s case, she and her children were rescued.

Today she is an artisan in Amy’s nonprofit ministry which supports women rescued from exploitation. This rescued woman designs some of the beautiful products in Girl Set Free, which helps sustain this ministry to women like her, who need a safe place to call family.

Do you want to know me?

When Amy shared that question asked by her friend, it almost broke me.

God, do you want to know me?

Sister, do you want to know me?

Or will I remain invisible? My plight, my story unfinished. Amy started Girl Set Free on a shoestring grounded in faith, and today that ministry continues to grow. It started across the world, and still goes on but Amy heard the voice of other young women in her own backyard.

Do you want to know me?

Girl Set Free is reaching women of all ages in her own backyard. These are women who have been exploited and rescued. They are looking for a new start. A new identity. A group of believers who will say, “Yes, I want to know you. Help me love you like God loved me.”

2018 Summer COMPASSION Project — Girl Set Free

A year ago I was asking God to show me community how to love others like he loves us. That led to the COMPASSION arm of this ministry.

It’s easy to wear a T-shirt or send a shout-out on social media, but there are women like Amy who are on the front lines. They have invested everything — their time, their lives, their finances, and more. I sensed God asking me to wrap around those women, and to invite others like you to do the same.

In my conversation with Amy (see this YouTube video for the full conversation), she shared three things:

  • why she started Girl Set Free (God redeemed her story)
  • how we can help her purchase additional sewing equipment to help other women
  • what this means for a woman who just wants to be known

Will you consider helping other women live free?

One way is to give to Girl Set Free as part of this Living Free Together month-long COMPASSION project beginning today through August 15. Giving $5 or $25 or $100 or more will ALL go toward the sewing equipment. More jobs. More women reached!

Sponsor freedom with your donation direct to Girl Set Free

Another thing we can all do is to pray for Amy Kratzer. This is a challenging and faith-filled ministry.

Last, ask God to show you one woman who may feel that she is unknown. Let your tender hug and words reflect the heart of Jesus to her, for:

She is known.

She is loved.

She is seen.

By the Lord, and now by you.


Related Resource

  • Give to Girl Set Free – Girl Set Free is a a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible, as well as life changing.
  • Check out Girl Set Free products from their artisans and craftswomen. Maybe like me, you are carrying a purse that is five years old or you’d like to wear an ethical brand that is gorgeous, check out their products.

Related fact

In September, 2017, the International Labor Organization estimated that 40.3 million people were held in modern slavery on any given day. The majority are held in forced labor. 15.4 million were forced into marriage. Nearly 5 million people, mainly women and children, were trafficked in the commercial sex trade. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to wrap my mind around that.

What a joy to support those who stand against evil, and who love like Jesus.