Just imagine. . .

Imagine that Jesus comes to you and he holds out a gift. He tells you that this gift will offer wisdom beyond your own insight. It will take you into deep waters of faith when it feels like yours is stuck in the shallow end. This gift will show you what to say and when to take a step, and will put a big “STOP” sign in your soul when necessary.

This gift will empower you to do what you cannot do on your own.

Then. . . imagine that someone took that gift out of Jesus’ hands. They wrapped it in rolls of duct tape. But first, the original gift was placed in a layer of boxes. You open one, only to find another. Finally, when you pull the gift out there’s a tag on it. In fact, several.

One says, “This isn’t for you.”

Another says, “This gift isn’t relevant anymore.”

Another says, “This gift isn’t as important as others Jesus gave.”

There you stand, holding a gift that Jesus said was for you.

What is real? Why is this so complicated? Did Jesus really mean it?

In today’s conversation with Christina Patterson on her podcast, Beloved Women, Christina and I talk about that gift of the Holy Spirit. We strip off all the duct tape, all the layers, all the labels, and take a second look at the simple promise Jesus made.


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We were never intended to live our faith in our own strength.

In this conversation, we discover that the Holy Spirit:

  • Has a distinctive role in our faith
  • Will help us discern the difference between truth and a lie
  • Gives us boldness that breaks down barriers
  • Offers faith that is bigger than what we have in the natural
  • Comforts us when we don’t know where to turn
  • Empowers us to do what Jesus calls us to do
  • Fights for us — to us
  • Helps us change the world together


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Let’s acknowledge this beautiful gift in our faith-view, and discover this beautiful gift for ourselves.


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